LEGO Racers Nitro Menace

LEGO Racers Nitro Menace
LEGO Racers Nitro Menace Detail
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LEGO Racers Nitro Menace Description

Crush the competition with the hottest set of wheels in town. Measuring 14 inches in length, this custom Lego racer offers all the fun of creating a super-modified car from the ground up. With sleek lines, plenty of decals, and shining chromelike details, the Nitro Menace is guaranteed to get noticed. No need to pop the hood–the nitrous-powered, oversized engine is front and center. Send it speeding down the straightaway, or steer the wide racing tires around tight curves for supe…

With a gigantic, oversized engine, lots of dazzling chrome, and sizzling-hot decals, the Nitro Menace looks like the fastest LEGO Racer ever — even when it’s parked! 622 pieces. Measures 13″ x 6″ x 5.5″ when complete.

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LEGO Racers Nitro Menace

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