An Evening With Jimmie Spheeris

An Evening With Jimmie Spheeris
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JIMMIE SPHEERIS was a circus kid. His mother and father owned and operated a roving carnival called the Majick Empire. His early years were spent moving from town to town “living like gypsies”, as he often put it. And when you listen to his music you can hear the inspiration from those early years of colorful transience. After the death of his father (shot by a belligerent carnival-goer), Jimmies family eventually settled in Southern California, where he won his first guitar in a music …

Legendary recording artist Jimmie Spheeris released 4 albums in the 1970s that became staples of the “underground” FM radio from that era. Tragically killed by a drunk driver in 1984, Jimmies music fell out of print until 1998, when a groundbreaking effort by thousands of online fans made a CD reissue of Jimmies catalog possible through Rain Records and Sony Music. Rain Records is proud to announce the release of this new LIVE Double CD, originally recorded in concert at Willimantic, Co…

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An Evening With Jimmie Spheeris

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